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Rainki's passion for beauty has led her to become a renowned and successful makeup and modeling artist in Calgary cosmetic industry. Meanwhile, her facial treatment techniques allow her to achieve higher level of all-around ability in cosmetic industry. Rainki’s bold and progressive ideas on modeling and her meticulous technique on facial treatment gained numerous of high praise from her customers in the 10 years of her career. Rainki had firmly established cooperation with many major brands including Shiseido, Dior, and guerlain. The invitation to the Dior Fashion Show and AC Hair Show to perform beauty makeup had also proven her expertise and credibility. Even more noteworthy is that she is one of the 2011 COSA (Cosmetics Outstanding Service Awards) winners. In 2015 Miss Chinese International Pageant final, Rainki's makeup & modeling team was an indispensable part that supported the successful completion of the show. Rainki offers a variety wedding makeover, modeling design (hairstyle design) as well as facial treatments that will exceed your expectation.


Rainki对美的热情造就了她在卡尔加里化妆和造型界的名誉和成就。与此同时,她的面部护理技巧使她的综合能力得到进一步的升华。 在8年的职业生涯中,Rainki大胆,前卫的理念和高超的技巧得到了众多客户的认可与好评. Rainki曾为众多知名品牌效力,比如资生堂,迪奥和娇兰等..;她曾受邀参加的Dior Fashion Show和AC Hair Show 都诠释着她的专业性。更值得一提的是,Rainki是 2011年COSA的得主之一。 而在2015年的中华小姐总决赛期间,以Rainki为领队的化妆&造型团队以完美的质量和出色的效率成为了使得中华小姐总决赛完美谢幕必不可少的一部分。 Rainki 提供各种婚礼化妆,造型设计(发型设计)以及面部护理会超越你的期望。