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FAQ About Makeup & Hair Trials


Q: How do I enquire about services and/or begin booking with Rainki's Makeup Studio

A: We understand that wedding planning can be a stressful ordeal and we strive to do our part to make the process as pain free as possible. Please click on ENQUIRE NOW to begin the enquiry process. Once you provide the information on the enquiry form, our booking assistant will personally contact you to guide you to the next steps. It is also important to not that we DO NOT accept enquiries using any other methods like direct messaging, phone calls, test messaging, emails, bat signals etc.


Q: Why do I need to do a Makeup Trials?

A: It is not uncommon for the makeup artist and the bride to have different opinions about what suits the brides best. Trials give the bride an opportunity to clearly communicate to me and allows me to offer my professional advice.


Q: When should I book my makeup trial?

A: I highly recommend you to book your makeup and hair trial as soon as possible. During the trial I will also give you a skin consultation and give you tips to improve your overall skin care routine. And if you end up displeased with my makeup style then this will also give you time to try other makeup artists as well.


Q: What should I expect before booking for my service?

A: Dates and time are very limited during the peak wedding season. In order to give everyone an equal opportunity to secure their service, all dates and times are on a first come first served basis. We CANNOT hold any dates and times until the booking process is completed. We highly recommend that you book only the service that you know you will be requiring for sure. If you decide to remove or cancel a service after completing the booking process, a penalty will apply. The Good news is, you can always add in service(s) later if time permits.


Q: Can I book my Makeup&hair service, without the makeup trials?

A: All bridal service required an obligatory trial session. If you book both makeup and hair service on your wedding date, you need to book both makeup and hair trial session. I am extremely flattered and humbled that you trust my ability to do my work without trials. But please understand that customer satisfaction is my number one priority and I have a responsibility to ported my own reputation. This is why I cannot fulfill any contract unless we go through a trial first. Thank you so much for your understanding.


Q: Can I book my hair and makeup trials at different times?

A: In order to see the complete look, I recommend to do both the trials in one session. But if circumstances does not permit, you may book them separate times as well.


Q: Can I sign a contract but do my makeup trial on a later date?

A: Yes. If you have decided to have me as your makeup and hair artist for your wedding day. You can complete the contract first to hold your wedding date and book for a trial for later date. (Mainly applies to clients that are overseas)


Q: Should I bring my wedding dress and hair accessories?

A: You can bringing your wedding dress, b you can take a photo of the dress (es) to shown me. You may bring all the accessories you think you might use and I will apply them onto your hair style.


Q: Can I hold the date?

A: To avoid delinquent cancellations, I cannot hold  a date unless a contract is signed and a deposit has been paid. Thank you for your understanding.


Q: Can I book my Makeup&hair trial for the same day I go try on wedding dresses or pre wedding photoshoot?

A: Yes to both occasions. In order to serve you better please be aware that the earliest that I can start accepting a trial is 9AM. Makeup and hair trial will take approximately 3hours (1.5 hours for each part) to complete. And  please understand that we work independently and we cannot always accommodate the photographer’s scheduling. Summer and spring are our busiest seasons, if you try to book a trial during weekends there will be a possibility that we may have to schedule as weddings take priority as there are very limited weekends in the seasons. So I advise all clients to try to book their makeup and hair trials during the weekday, where we are a bit more flexible. 
It is also very important to remember that the trial look may not be the complete look, because we will be trying different styles and making adjustments that will not be finalized until the actual wedding day.
And we will be using the pre-wedding pricelist instead of pricing it as a regular makeup and hair trial.

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