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All bookings will be arranged and confirmed by “Rainki’s Makeup Studio.” The client must accept the given quote with an immediate payment of a non-refundable 50% retainer of the total cost of service before a date will be reserved. By accepting the given quote the client agrees to all “LEGAL TERMS AND CONDITION,” provided on the “quote” and again on the “Contract & Invoice.” Dates are non-transferable once a “Contract & Invoice” is completed and a deposit has been paid. For wedding services booked before 7:00AM, an early start fee of $100 per hour per artist applies. For pre-weddings booked before 9:00AM an early start fee of $50 per hour per artist applies. If there are time constraints requiring an additional artist, a fee of $100 per additional artist applies. All bridal makeup packages require an mandatory makeup trial session. If the client cannot be reached after 20 minutes past your booked time, it will be assumed that the client no longer wishes to have the service and a full charge service cancellation applies. For any package that indicates 8 hours maximum, the service is considered completed after 2-3 looks/styles or when the 8 hours is up, whichever comes first. 8 hours includes the travel time To and From the destination. Any request for extra/overtime on the day of service will be subject to additional charges.  The remaining balance for the make-up service(s) is due 48 hours before the reserved date. If the client fails to make the required payment, the service will be placed on hold and a 100% cancellation fee can apply. Earliest time for trial session on a any day is 11AM.



A $60 travel fee will be applied to services located in the SW and SE quadrants of the city of Calgary for wedding service. For other services and pre-weddings the travel fee and/or on location fee will be reflected in the "price list," provided to the client after a enquiry has been submitted.  If the service location requires additional charges (ie. Paid parking), the client must provide a full reimbursement to the artist(s) or provide an equal or more convenient alternative. For clients that has booked services at The Banff Springs Hotel and The Chateau at Lake Louise, valet parking will be required, client can either do a reimbursement or the artist can charge it directly to the client's room number. Services required outside the city limits of Calgary are subject to other additional travel fees. For destination weddings/services outside of the province of Alberta, Canada the client must provide all the expenses for getting the artist(s) to the service location (ie. flight fare, bus fare, taxi fare). If the service location requires long distance travel outside of Calgary City Limits, the client must provide 1-2 nights of accommodation at the same hotel and a $50 per day, per artist food and beverage allowance for each day.



In the unlikely event that the artist(s) as a team, cannot attend on the day of your wedding due to unforeseen and/or unfortunate circumstances caused by the artist(s) as a team, all payments will be immediately refunded, no further compensation will be offered. “Rainki’s Makeup studio” will work with the client to find an alternative reputable stylist/ artist or salon to cater for your requirements however; any such booking will remain solely the responsibility of the client and not “Rainki’s Makeup Studio.” If an artist is unable to attend on the day of service, due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, “Rainki’s Makeup Studio” will immediately try to find an alternative freelance stylist/artist to stand in. If this is not possible we will ask for an earlier start time to accommodate original numbers, or will refund a part of the service(s) which are forfeited on our part or altogether as a result and no further compensation will be offered. In the unlikely event that artist(s) is unable to attend on the day of service due to circumstances caused by external forces including acts of god and restraining restriction, "Rainki's Makeup Studio" will only offer a one time postponement free of penalty, but no further compensation will be offered, the deposit will remain non-refundable. If a member of our team is made to feel uncomfortable, mistreated and/or abused in any way, the artist holds the right to cancel the contract without a refund, a 100% cancellation fee will apply. Cancellations must be made 30 days prior to the client’s reserved service date and if the client fails to do so, a full payment of the service will be required (this applies only to bridal/wedding services), the deposit remain non-refundable. Should the client wish to reschedule a service (ie. Trial, photoshoot, makeup and hair appointment) without a 24 hours notice an $50 re-booking fee will be applied to the next booked service. If Makeup and Hair Trials are booked within the peak wedding season from the beginning of April till the end of September, clients will be asked to reschedule their Makeup and Hair Trial to another time in the unlikely event that a wedding is booked on the same day. Bridal packages cannot be changed nor transferred once the quote is accepted, full charges will still apply should the client choose to have less services than the confirmed services included in the "Contract & Invoice". Clients who have booked and paid a 50% deposit, confirming their wedding schedule breakdown, may make one complimentary schedule adjustment. Any additional adjustments to the confirmed schedule will incur a $50 Schedule Adjustment Fee per adjustment, and these changes are also subject to the availability of studio artists.



Clients must ensure that the artist(s) will be working in a suitable environment with adequate lighting, electricity points and sanitizing facilities. Please ensure every member of your party is aware of timings on the day and that they need to remain available for their service at all times. Prior to having makeup applied or hairstyling please ensure you and your party are prepared, to avoid leaving the chair whilst the artist(s) is working. Please ensure teeth are cleaned, you have been to the toilet and contact lenses are applied (if applicable), before sitting in the styling chair. Please do not eat or speak on your mobile phone during makeup application and hairstyling. Please do not seat children, babies and pets on your lap during your service. For their own safety please ensure that children are kept away from styling tools and products at all times. Ensure that animals are kept at a separate location from the service area for hygiene and safety purposes. The Client is to inform me of any allergies or reactions prior to any makeup application or hair styling. Please refer to “LIABILITIES.” section for more information. On the day of trial and/or service, time is of the essence. Client(s) must not have any makeup applied and free from products except for daily skin care routine. The artist will prep your skin for you. Ensure hair is clean, completely dry, free from any kind of product and do not use any straighteners or curling tongs on your newly washed hair. The client is advised to wash their hair the night before and avoid any heavy conditioners. If any client(s) have wet hair they will be expected to dry it thoroughly before the service may begin. If there are time constraints that require additional artist(s) A fee of $100/artist will apply. It is the client’s obligation to be honest with the service they are booking. If the artist arrives on the day of the service to find that they are to do any other service apart from the booked service(s), then the artist has the right to charge any additional fee or completely cancel the service with no refund. For example, if the client booked a photoshoot service or a trial session to be used as a wedding day service the artist can charge the difference or completely cancel the booking.



”Rainki’s Makeup Studio” is committed to providing quality services to all of our clients and will commit to doing our best to deliver the client’s desired results. It is up to the client to bring one or more photos to their makeup appointments, the photo will help the artist understand the style you hope to achieve. Please be aware that the desired looks may not always be achievable and will always look differently on each individual. There are natural factors such as eye shapes, skin type, tones, facial structures etc. that may impede on the client’s desired look. The artist will provide professional advice, but it solely depends on the client to accept the advice or not.



“Rainki’s Makeup Studio” claims the right to photos taken at the makeup trial or your professional photos for the usage as samples for future clients to view. The client’s professional photos can be used on Rainki’s Makeup studio’s website, portfolios and/or social media. An email will be sent to the client to request selected photos and allow the contact of the client’s professional photographer. If the client or photographer chooses to use any form of social media, they are required to include credits to “Rainki’s Makeup Studio” or use “@rainkismakeupstudio.”



The information “Rainki’s Makeup Studio,” that is collected from the client application and service enquiry is strictly used only by “Rainki’s Makeup Studio.” The type of personal information that may be collected through payments, application forms and enquiry forms may include the client’s name, address, phone number, social media, and other personal information. “Rainki’s Makeup Studio” does not use any type of ad or information sharing platforms, and have no intentions of sharing any client information. All information voluntarily provided by the clients are only used to complete the booking process, the services that “Rainki’s Makeup Studio” provides and to better serve the client’s needs.



Clients are advised to check and confirm the finalized look with the makeup artist. The make-up artist is only responsible for touch up or adjustment up to the finalized look agreed upon by both the client and artist(s). Please refer to “QUALITY AND SATISFACTION” for more information achievable or desired finalized looks. If any damage(s) occur to the final look beyond the contracted time service and approval of the finalized look, overtime charges will be applied hourly, please refer to the given price list for fees. The artist(s) attending to the service will do their best to complete their service at the desired time the clients have stated. The artist(s) are not responsible for any time increase caused by the client(s) and party members involved. Please refer to “BOOKING: iv. CLIENT OBLIGATIONS - TRIAL AND SERVICE DAY” for information on preparation and “BOOKING: i. CONFIRMATION AND COMMITMENT” for more information on extra/overtime. All makeup products and brushes are kept sanitary and sanitized. All skin conditions and/or allergies MUST be reported by the client prior to the application. Rainki’s Makeup Studio disclaims any allegations made regarding any unclaimed skin conditions or allergies the client did not declare. The makeup artist will not be working in an environment completely free of cross contamination and cannot be held responsible for any kind of cross contamination. “Rainki’s Makeup Studio” is not responsible if an accident occurs due to the unsafe handling of children, babies and/or pets. Please refer to “CLIENT OBLIGATIONS- TRIAL AND SERVICE DAY” for suitable environments for the artist workplace.


By accepting the quote with an immediate payment of a non-refundable 50% retainer of the total cost of service, you have agreed to all "LEGAL TERMS AND CONDITION" and will be bound to "Rainki's Makeup Studio" through the "Contract & Invoice" and the information provided on the "Application."


Updated 2024-01-24

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